Many organizations perish because of their attempts at solutions, not because of their problems!

Matrix organization with different logic

Many companies have so far been built as line organizations in which a vertical organizational logic prevails. With ever-increasing complexity, one of the first ideas is to incorporate a vertical level in order to promote cross-functional cooperation – a matrix organization is created. “In a matrix organization,” says Michael Haensch, “there is however a completely different logic in communication and collaboration.” The same applies to agile work processes and New Work. “Many organizations perish because of their attempts at solutions, not because of their problems,” says Michael Haensch about his experiences.

What matters to him is the work on the system, not on the individuals. “This is very dangerous,” he says. Many coaching sessions for employees are actually wasted money for him. “The behavior of individuals must always be viewed in context,” he explains. To be more precise: “The composition of project teams depends on the professional competence of the individual.” Because the individual person with his authentic identity acts completely differently in different contexts. So we always have to work on the system in order to give good cooperation a chance.

Conclusion: An important look at the basics

The competent contact persons extract from good and long experience the important basics for good cooperation, and remind impressively of it. This means that managers in particular would do well to think about it not only once, but regularly, in order to remember precisely these facts of good cooperation. The aspect of discouragement alone is a particularly important point that should be considered again and again. The reflection on the core values such as open exchange, respect and self-commitment can be a frequent topic in the teams. For good cooperation it is also important to think about the organization and the communication.

Article by Christian de Vries published by DMEXCO together with Olaf Zapf & Dr. Reinhard K. Sprenger