Mehrwerttag 2016

Humanity and profitability

How much…

envy, vulnerability, fear, lies, jealousy, lust for validity, arrogance, insult, meekness, generosity, eyes to squeeze, five-straight-let, directness, confusion, insecurity, embarrassment, helplessness, loneliness, sexual attraction, alcohol/tablet addiction, truthfulness, curiosity, performance fluctuation, ignorance, exposure, inability to criticize, listening away, overstimulation, pessimism, nagging, euphoria, belonging, spirituality, sacrifice, blasphemy, fame, despair, Revelation, silence, lack of style, rudeness, distraction through private themes, ropes, competition, fear of the future, disrespect, disrespect, powerlessness, resignation, internal dismissal, lack of appreciation

… can a company cope?

In other words, how much humanity can a company tolerate? What is the theoretical and practical relationship between humanity and profitability in (your) company?

We asked ourselves these and other questions on September 2, 2016 and approached us in a varied event together with our guests possible answers.